An Energy Saving Solution

Insulate ANY Surface That Can Be Painted...

Hy-Tech Insulating House Paint Additive
Makes Paint INSULATE !

Summer Heat is Reflected Away
Winter Heat Stays In

Saves You MONEY on Your Heating & Cooling Bills !
You & Your Family are More Comfortable !

Painting in the past has been for protection and beauty, now with Hy-Tech's advanced insulating ceramic house paints and house paint additives painting is an Energy Saving home improvement that will save you money, reduce pollution from the use of fossil fuels, and help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Hy Tech Insulating Additive for Paint is an easy to use, free flowing powder that when mixed into paint the dried paint film becomes a space age ceramic heat reflecting barrier.

The advanced heat reflecting ceramics are a "Hy-Tech Spinoff" of technology originally developed by NASA to protect various space vehicle's from the extreme heat they are exposed to during flight. The environmentally friendly, Hy-Tech insulating paint additive acts as a barrier to heat reflecting it away from the painted surface and restricting heat transfer through the coating.
In Summer, Heat Stays Out! In Winter, HEAT Stays IN!

With Hy-Tech Insulating Paint Products Insulating Your Home is Easy
We Give You Two Choices...

Hy-Tech Insulating Additive for Paint:
The easy to use Ceramic Insulating Additive for adding to your own paint.
Mixes in easily, non-toxic, non-flammable, and can be added to Any Paint
latex or oil base paint, interior paint, elastomeric coatings, exterior house paint, roof coatings...

Want Convenience...
Hy-Tech Pre-Mixed Insulating Paint a complete line of ready to use premium quality insulating paints and industrial coatings for any surface including...
Interior and Exterior Insulating Ceramic House Paint
Radiant Heat barrier paint
Insulating Roof Paint
Metal coatings for Autos, Marine,Industrial use that will
  Insulate, Rustproof and Reduce Sound Transfer
Clear Sealers and Finishes for Stone, Masonry, Roof Shingles, Wood.
Sound reducing acoustical coatings
All pre-mixed at the factory, All filled with Insulating Ceramics, Nothing to add, simply open the can and brush away your high energy bills!

Whatever your choice, the Hy-Tech ceramic insulating additive for mixing into your own paint or one of our ready to apply factory mixed insulating paints, using these products will reduce your utility bills, create a more comfortable home, and will pay you back in energy savings year after year!!
Hy-Tech Insulating Additive is the ONLY Paint Additive
selected by NASA as "NASA Spinoff Technology"

Hy-Tech Ceramic Insulating Paint & House Paint Additives
Often imitated but Never Duplicated !

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Will Make Your Paint INSULATE !

insulate with hy-tech insulating ceramic paint products
To Develop Insulating Paint Products DOES Take Rocket Science
To Use Them Does Not !

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